Alert: Coliform and E.coli Positive City Water



Water Results as of December 6, 2023

Positive Results for Water Test – December 6, 2023

On December 5, 2023, the CIty of Ione was informed that the three tests that were ran were negative.  Unfortunately, this information was not correct and two samples were positive.  The City Hall sample was positive for e.coli and the city park for coliform.  

The City of Ione has now been informed that the water sample taken this week was positive for E. Coli at City Hall and Coliform at the park.   The City of Ione is asking that all citizens use bottled water or boil any water used for drinking, brushing teeth, etc. for 1 minute, until the new water test results come back as negative 3 times.  We will keep you informed as we work through this process.

Please note the following information was received from the State of Oregon.